Fall Fiesta 2007

October 20th and 21st, 2007

Auburn, CA

Show Host: Des Corbett



There are a few resins still available for purchase!

Exclusive RESIN:


Sculpted by Kitty Cantrell, the fabulous and talented artist who brought us not only top resins such as Nighthawke, Nocturno, Katydiddit, our previous SRs Applause and Sierra and the Starlight Collection models but also top molds for both Breyer and Stone such as the Lonesome Glory mold and the Stone Arab, Pony, Palouse and more! This companion to Sierra, our SR from 2004, is full of attitude and appropriate for a variety of draft breeds! The casting has been expertly handled by Maggie and Dave Barkovitz of DaBar Enterprises. His castings are smooth and clean with little prep work needed. He will be a one-mold run, and once sold out, he WILL NOT be issued again, in ANY form, by ANYONE. ;-)

He is issued at $125.00. This run is close to sold out, though there are still copies available. Contact me now to purchase your copy!

The majority of the run sold prior to and at the Fall Fiesta 2007. However, the remaining copies are still available. You may put resins on hold with a non-refundable deposit of $25.00 with the balance due in full before I ship the resin. Shipping will be $10.00 for a total of $135.00. You may take as long as you want to pay, but realize that they will not ship until paid in full.

El Dorado and Sierra

Sierra was a limited edition small classic sized Belgian gelding. There were 28 cast total, and he is sold out. However, the Stones purchased the rights to that sculpture, and have chosen to release him as a resin (using a different name and with a slightly different mane)- NOT as a plastic model as was the original plan. Because that was NOT what we had told our customers, Kitty has agreed to sculpt a second resin, a companion to the Sierra called El Dorado, that WILL remain exclusive to the Fall Fiesta. This will be a one-mold run of 50 resins. The rights to this piece will be restricted. Kitty has the right to issue him in bronze, and I maintain the rights otherwise, so please be assured that he WILL NOT be issued in plastic or resin after this. I will be exploring the possibility of issuing him in China- but other than Kitty's bronzes, this one-mold resin edition is ALL that will be available!

El Dorado has turned out beautifully, and goes so well with Sierra! If you are lucky enough to have one of the original Sierra molds, do consider purchasing n El Dorado to go with him!


The Stones have created their own Special Run for the Fall Fiesta! This is a long mane/long tail ISH done in a beautiful decorator autumn color, with golden leaves scattered over it. There is a corresponding Weanlings. They are both sold out. This was a limited run of 30 each of the ISH and the Weanling, and they were issued at $99.99 and $59.99.